udmsamba 2023

It's A Secret, E Segredo 2023

 ‘E Segredo’ all about the secrets hidden from humanity as we share a visit with Aliens from afar.

Africa to Brazil, Ancestors Cross the Ocean - Da Africa Para o Brasil, Ancestrais Atravessam o Oceano 2022

Exploring the connections between
West-Africa and Bahia

UDM Samba 2022
Tower Bridge Samba Band

Amazons, Warriors of Brazil 2021

 ‘Amazonas, Guerreiras do Brasil’ explores the ongoing plight of the indigenous people who are fighting to protect their homes and the surrounding rainforest. 


Africa, Drums of Our Ancestors 2019

Connecting samba to its ancestral roots in West and West Central Africa; the culture, the tradition, the folklore. We explore the Andinkra Symbol of SANKOFA

UDMSamba Southwest Fest 2019
UDMSamba Cowley Road Carnival 2018, bateria

Carnaval de los Muertos 2018

There is a famous saying in Brazil ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’. Well it turns out they got that wrong! This year we bring a bit of Latin America to the samba with our very own Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead Carnival.

Misterios do Mar 2017

Legends of the mermaids, mysteries of the sea, where myth and marine biology meet. Do the coral reefs hide the mythical mermaids, queens of the sea?

UDMSamba, Cowley Road Carnival Porta Bandeira, Uniao da Mocidade, Youth samba London and Oxford, Porta Bandeira,
UDMSamba Southwest Fest 2016

Rio Tropicalia 2016

From the innocence of 1950’s Rio de Janeiro, to the military dictatorship of the late 60’s where musicians and artists were censored and expelled for expressing resistance in song and art. 

Circo do Samba Espectaculo 2015

‘Roll up, roll up, to the greatest samba show on earth! Prepare to be astounded as the Circo do Samba turns the grey streets of the UK into a spectacle of colour, sound, fantasy and youthful energy!’

UDMSamba, Uniao da Mocidade, Samba Carnival, Samba drumming, samba dance, youth samba, london samba, youth carnival
UDMSamba, Uniao da Mocidade, Samba Carnival, Samba drumming, samba dance, youth samba, london samba, youth carnival

Sambalactica! 2014

Sambalactica, a journey through time and space bringing samba to the universe!

This year’s theme is influenced by G.R.E.S Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel’s 1985 song Ziriguidum 2001

A Criação do Mundo na
Tradição Nagô 2013

In the depths of Bahia echoes a joyeous song, as the first three priestesses of the Candomblé retell the the tales of their ancestors

UDMSamba Primrose Hill Festival 2013
UDMSamba, Uniao da Mocidade, Youth Samba london, Samba drumming and dance, Youth bateria, Youth Carnival, City of London Festival

O Samba é a Flor 2012

From seeds blown from Africa by the breath of Iansa, goddess of the winds, the flowers of the samba blossom in lands far and wide. “Oia, Oia, epparei Iansa!”

Lendas e Mistérios da Amazonia 2011

Folklore and myths of the Amazon Rainforest

UDMSamba City of London Festival 2011