2019 Carnival Theme

UDM Samba Africa Carnival Theme

Africa, Drums of Our Ancestors (Africa, Tambores dos Nossos Ancestrais)
‘From Africa… from our ancestors; Let the pulse of the drums invade our souls’

Inspired by G.R.E.S Academicos do Salgueiro’s 2009 song Tambor which describes the roots of drumming in Africa and it’s power to heal, use in ritual and communication.

We’ll be exploring the meeting of modern samba with its ancestral roots in West and West Central Africa; the culture, the fabric and traditional costume, the relationship with the drums and the vibrant and soulful expression of the music. Our costumes incorporate the Andinkra Symbol of SANKOFA, the bird with it’s egg on its back, reminding us how the actions of our past affect our future.

‘Tem batuque, tem magia, tem axé!
O poder que contagia quem tem fé!
Na ginga do corpo, emana alegria
Desperta toda energia’


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