2021 Carnival Theme

UDM Samba Enredo 2021

Amazons, Warriors of Brazil (Amazonas, Guerreiras do Brasil)
‘The struggle of these people know no end’

Inspired by G.R.E.S Academicos do Grande Rio’s 2006 song ‘Amazonas – o Eldorado é Aqui’  which describes the Conquistador invasions in search of resources. We explore the history as well as the present day battles to protect the Amazon lands from logging, mining and other causes of deforestation and territory destruction.

Many of the indigenous cultural groups are represented in our costumes: Kayapo, Tupi, Guaraní and Pataxó to name a few. 

‘Sou Grande Rio, Amor! Amazonense,
A minha floresta tem o poder de curar,
Teu nome do mapa ninguém vai tirar’


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