2017 Carnival Theme

UDMSamba 2017 theme, Misterios do Mar

‘Misterios do Mar’

Legends of the mermaids, mysteries of the sea, where myth and marine biology meet. Do the coral reefs hide the mythical mermaids, queens of the sea? Did you feel that? Maybe it was a jellyfish. Or was it your imagination?

Creatures disappearing in the ocean waves. Apparitions in the dark of the sea and the light on the moon.

Exploring both the depths of the sea and the imagination. The real and the imagined. Sound and sight, fear and joy. Do you hear the song of the mermaids, or was that just the sound of the waves?

UDM explores the mysteries of the sea through costume and music.

Click here to hear our chosen samba by GRES Imperio Serrano


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