2022 Carnival Theme

Africa to Brazil, Ancestors Cross the Ocean –
Da Africa Para o Brasil, Ancestrais Atravessam o Oceano

Exploring the connections between West-Africa and Bahia

Inspired by G.R.E.S Beija Flor de Nilopilis’ 1978 song ‘A Criação do Mundo Na Tradição Nagô’ and G.R.E.S Acadêmicos do Salgueiro’ 2009 song ‘Tambor’ we explored the relationship between the music and culture of West-Africa and it’s migration to Bahia in the North of Brasil.

Due to funding issues we revamped some previous costumes featuring the ‘Sankofa’, an Adinkra symbol from Ghana reminding us how the actions of our past affect our future and we made new dance costumes representing the Baianinhas of Brasil whose dress is heavily influenced by Nigerian dress. Our Flag bearing couple ‘Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira’ represent a West african king and queen.

‘Bailou no ar O ecoar de um canto de alegria
Três princesas africanas Na sagrada Bahia
Iyá Kalá, Iyá Detá, Iyá Nassô
Cantaram assim a tradição Nagô’


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