2012 Carnival Theme

UDMSamba, Uniao da Mocidade, Youth Samba london, Samba drumming and dance, Youth bateria, Youth Carnival, City of London Festival

O Samba é a Flor

From seeds blown from Africa by the breath of Iansa, goddess of the winds, the flowers of the samba blossom in lands far and wide. “Oia, Oia, epparei Iansa!”

This year’s theme is influenced by G.R.E.S Academicos do Salgueiro’s 1984 song  Skindo Skindo which describes samba as a beautifully scented flower which is then made into perfume to gift to Iansa the goddess of the winds.

‘Oiá, oiá
Água de cheiro pra ioiô 
Vou mandar buscar
Na fonte do senhor’


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