What Others Say

photo by Anja Olofgörs

“União da Mocidade performed in the City of London Festival Procession as part of the Festival’s 50th anniversary celebrations. For the past few years these inspiring young musicians/dancers have added not only a level of excitement to the Procession, but also a sense of professionalism. Vibrant costumes and infectious rhythms animate other participants and audience alike!” 

Catherine Jack
City of London Festival Co-ordinator


photo by Roger Black




“I was absolutely amazed by the fantastic Performance of União da Mocidade which, in my opinion, was the highlight at the Brighton beach 2004 Carnival Encounter Bands Showcase. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my old Brazilian heart. I sincerely congratulate you for representing so well the music and the culture of my native Rio de Janeiro by organising such a vibrant, talented and genuine bateria formed by talented young percussionists. Your work is very valuable to both our countries as it properly prepares tomorrow’s sambistas to spread the wonderful gospel of Samba to the people of the UK.”

Carlos Ferreira
Mestre of G.R.E.S. Unidos de Melbourne, Australia