What a bonkers weekend!


This weekend = City of London Festival Children’s Parade, Fri 27th June and Southwest Fest SW1, Sat 28th June AND our 10th anniversary celebration!

UDM’s 3rd year at COLF Children’s Carnival Parade, and every year it just gets better. What a privilege to be chosen to perform on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.

As if that wasn’t enough, Saturday saw us lead the SouthWest Fest Parade through the streets of Pimlico followed by a show on the mainstage – Congratulations Southwest who celebrated their 10th birthday today JUST LIKE US. More about that when we’ve recovered from the excitement


photo by Chris Bicourt

Sat 28th June UDM’s 10th Birthday Celebration

Our lovely alumni, performer, helper and writer extraordinare Roshni Goyate, is going to do write up of this super-special occasion, which obviously will take pride of place, smack bang in the middle of the websit. All we can say is it was beautiful and emotional and a few tears may have been shed. Sigh. Here’s to another 10