• Unite
    • unite young people across London from different cultural and social backgrounds.
    • Reduce the risk of social exclusion within the youth sector and instil a sense of appreciation for their differences, whatever they are.


  • Inspire
    • inspire young people to build a community together. UDM is the opportunity for them to raise their levels of achievement and self-confidence.
    • This is done by providing attainable goals within an expressive art form and within a ‘safe’ learning environment.


  • Participate
    • enable school groups to participate in a project larger than themselves.
    • The students’ work is put into perspective when they take part in high quality performances around the continent.


  • Create
    • Create the new generation of samba enthusiasts with the potential to feed into the vibrant adult samba community in London.
    • Gain a cultural understanding and appreciation of samba as a carnival art form and its value as a learning medium.



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