Samba Dance 2021

Application Form


There are no formal exam requirements, however, you MUST be studying some form of dance or performing arts, and be at least 1st year of GCSE studies. For example, you may be studying GCSE or A-Level Dance or Performing Arts, or in Higher Education studying a subject that includes some dance (even drama). Or, you may be doing something else entirely but have learnt dance out of school. It doesn’t matter what kind of dance, you just need to shop us that you are capable of learning movement in a group environment and have good body awareness, movement control and proprioception.

Most of all we want you to have enough background that you can be free and expressive in the movements without being stressed about the content so you can smile and share your enjoyment of the dance!

Please use the boxes in the form below to write a  paragraph or 2 about what your dance background is and why you want to learn samba!

We will take into account, your experience, how close to the studio you live and how fully you can commit to the rehearsals when choosing participants.

There will also be a show with drums on a weekend in early July, date tbc, but please bear in mind before filling your diary!

UDM Samba Porta Bandeira, The Scoop

Submission Deadline Midnight on Fri 7th May

Check your email (and spam) to confirm submission