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UDMSamba 2017 theme, Misterios do Mar

Catch UDM This Summer 2017!

Sun 11 June The Scoop at More London Sat 1 July SouthWest Fest, Pimlico Sun 2 July Cowley Rd Carnival Oxford Fri 14 July Waterloo Carnival Sun 16 July Lambeth Country Show, Brockwell Park   Visit our facebook page for more details Read more about our 2017 carnival theme Misterios do Mar

Iian Pattinson UDMSamba founder

Arts Council Success!

So happy to announce our season will be funded by the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts programme! Visit our facebook page to find out what we will be up to!

UDMSamba Waterloo Carnival with Mandinga Arts 2016

Waterloo Carnival 2016 with Mandinga Arts

The beautiful Waterloo Carnival with Mandinga Arts! They never to fail to produce an amazing parade with a WHOLE PRIMARY SCHOOL. Yes, that’s right, the whole of Johanna Primary School with music provided by UDM winds it’s way through the streets of Waterloo before arriving at Waterloo Millenium Green for the big finale.

Southwest Fest 2016

The 18th of June, 1st gig of the season and our 12th year at Southwest Fest! Always a joyous way to start the season, some members doing their very 1st performance, others more experienced and able to guide their peers and show them how it’s done!