Super Sambatastic documents for grown ups so your delightful offspring can be be part of our UDMSamba family.

Things to help you and us:

  • There is no charge to participate in UDM but we expect good attendance at rehearsals and performances.
  • We rely on good 3 way communication to make the project a success so please make sure you, your child and UDM (Tammy) always know what is going on and of we course we are doing our best to do the same!
  • We are one big, happy, but spread out family so we rely on Whatsapp to keep in touch. If your child is under 16, we have created a Whatsapp group which is only used to provide info and last minute event changes, meeting points etc for perfomances as well as videos of music to learn and other resources. The group is run by Tammy (read more about her here) and there is 1 other adult in the group as a moderator. Both have enhanced DBS checks and we also trust that you check your childs phone regularly and are happy for us to communicate with them this way. IF you are happy for them to join this group, please email with their name and phone number and written permission. Ths must come from the parent’s email address.
  • Join the UDM bateria (drummers mailing list) if you aren’t already receiving mails: Emails are only sent a few times a year and are not a substitute for Whatsapp which is our main communication system.
  • Fill in and send back the registration form so your child and UDM are insured and we know who to contact if there are any problems. We will also automatically add you to the mailing list when you fill in the form if you haven’t already joined 🙂


Registration Form
UDM Registration Form Please return to: your school samba teacher as soon as possible or email a pdf or image to or post to the address provided on the form.