Samba dance is a rhythmic and energetic dance derived from the Angolan Semba. It is characterised by fast foot and hip movements. It’s different to the ballroom samba we see danced in Europe, being much more earthy and funky! It’s not a couple dance, but can be danced by soloists or groups, boys or girls.

The young people who dance with União da Mocidade learn special routines suited to parades and stage shows combines with a bit of funk/street dance alongside learning the traditional samba step Samba no Pe. The dance is very aerobic and very good for building stamina and fitness.

União da Mocidade have run a number of short term dance projects since 2004 including work with Weekend Arts College, Hammersmith and West London College and the Petchey Academy. You can see some of those young dancers perform in our videos.

We are now seeking to develop on-going dance activities in schools which take place weekly on a long-term basis, and feed into as dedicated a pan-London performing and rehearsing dance group as currently exists in the União da Mocidade batería (percussion band). Such dance activities can support music learning or can stand alone in offering the following:

  • Empowerment, growth and development through focused in depth learning, rehearsing, performing, and the development of associated skills such as rhythm, co-ordination and spatial awareness
  • Engender self-expression, self-esteem and self-confidence through dance
  • Instill a lifelong love of music and dance and encourage inter-cultural appreciation and respect of music and dance
  • Provide a forum for uniting young people from across London with a shared love of Brazilian dance and music, regardless of social and cultural background
  • Improve social skills and reduce the risk of social isolation and exclusion
  • Enhance pre-existing skills and talent in both music and dance
  • Get fit and healthy while having fun!

If you would like to initiate a dance project in partnership with União da Mocidade we would be thrilled to contribute to the cultural life of your school and would be happy to tailor our classes to suit your requirements. Please contact us.

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