2014 Theme – ‘SAMBALACTICA! Uma Viagem Estelar’

2014 Theme – ‘SAMBALACTICA! Uma Viagem Estelar’

Sambalactica! Uma Viagem Estelar
Sambalactica! Uma Viagem Estelar

Sambalactica, a journey through time and space bringing samba to the universe!

This year’s theme is influenced by G.R.E.S Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel’s 1985 song Ziriguidum 2001 which describes a journey through space and time. Our 21st century take on a 20th century song.
Come and see us in action!

Vou à Lua, vou ao Sol
Vai a nave ao som do samba
Caminhando pelo tempo
Em busca de outros bambas (bis)

To  the moon, to the sun,
The spaceship travels to the sound of samba,
Moving through time,
In search of other ‘sambistas’


2013 Theme

2013 Theme

 ‘A Criação do Mundo na Tradição Nagô’

In the depths of Bahia echoes a joyeous song, as the first three priestesses of the Candomblé retell the the tales of their ancestors; the legend of the creation of the world according to the Yoruba people of Africa.

Each year we choose an old samba de enredo from Rio and develop our own musical arrangement and costumes to fit our theme.

Click to see our chosen samba by GRES Beija Flor