Programme 2014

Join us on our samba journey around the universe! All events* are free and family friendly. *Except maybe Tower of London which has a cover charge and might be a bit scary!

Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford 2013

UDM is officially exhausted after some steaming samba at Cowley Road. Feelin’ hot hot hot! Bateria nota 10 e passistas arrazam! Congratulations – even the professionals found that tough – you were on FIRE!

Summer shows coming soon!

Our summer season is fast approaching, we’d love to see you at our performances! Keep checking our events page or follow us on facebook for times and locations. See you soon!  

2013 Theme

 ‘A Criação do Mundo na Tradição Nagô’ In the depths of Bahia echoes a joyeous song, as the first three priestesses of the Candomblé retell the the tales of their ancestors; the legend of the creation of the world according to the Yoruba people of Africa. Each year we choose an old samba de enredo from …

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